What is Wet Nose Escapades?


Wet Nose Escapades is a health travel blog designed especially for dog lovers (but of course, all travelers welcome :p) who struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling constantly. The goal is to provide tips and recommendations on how to balance frequent or long-term traveling (especially experiencing local food culture) and healthy living in a fun lighthearted way with an adorable yorkie’s narration. In other words, it’s about eating all that schnitzel in Austria (or perhaps even drinking all those big beers in Germany) and not feeling terrible about it the next day; and, it’s about getting enough physical activity on the road to get that heart rate up, but also adequate rest for your body. To sum it up, it’s simply about finding that balance! It’s THE travel blog for health-conscious dog lovers.



Who is Roger Wellington a.k.a. The Doob?


He is a 5-year-old yorkshire terrier originally from Northern California. He loves devouring salmon kibble, earning beef jerky & veggie treats, sniffing out bushes, marking his territory (just about everywhere), and sleeping whenever he feels like it. His favorite thing to do in the world is walk, walk, and WALK; he can walk for miles on end, making him a true 7 lb. athlete! His least favorite thing to do in the world is to brush his teeth – he absolutely HATES it. He was adopted by his health conscious world-traveling parents after being given up by his former parent and separated from his best friend, the sweetest pit bull named Cleo. His gym and yoga addict parents are avid world escapaders who love international traveling sooooo much that they resigned from the conventional office world to travel abroad indefinitely. Instantaneously, they started exercising ways of staying healthy on the road; hence, the birth of this blog. The idea of Roger W. being the face of the blog arose at the very beginning of their escapade when they did not take him along due to restrictions and expenses, but missed him soooo much that his mommy decided to use him as the blog narrator as a way to imagine him being with them. After 6 months of traveling in Europe, they decided to return to California to bring him onboard with them. Never again would they travel long-term without him. Since then, he is found markin’ it up all over the world!

Roger Wellington a.k.a The Doob is the Wet Nose Escapader.