Posts made in September, 2016

Hallo, escapaders!  It’s SCHNITZEL territory!  Mozart’s birthplace of Austria is all about the wienerschnitzel; whether you’re in Salzburg or Vienna, you must try one just to try.  But the wienerschnitzel is far from healthy – it is a pan fried breaded piece of meat (traditionally pork) that is similar to the American country fried steak.  Beyond schnitzels in the beautiful fairytale Austria, there are sausages, meat, meat, and more...

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Ciao, escapaders!  Italy is a dream destination world-wide; honeymooners, large bus tour groups, and backpackers – everyone is looking to experience the wanderlust Italian culture.  There’s Rome, Venice, Milan, Florence, and so on…but Naples??  People often skip the overlooked coastal city of Naples because of its supposedly bad rep, toxic waste, destitution, and high crime rate; everyone seems to want to go to the...

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Yalla, escapaders!  The dreamy country of Morocco has more to offer than just buzzing medinas and photo-worthy landscapes of the Sahara and Todra Gorge; Moroccan cuisine is an exquisite delight to your stomach and it’s the best way to experience the unique North African culture.  Here are 10 mouth-watering, chops-lickin’ foods you MUST TRY in Morocco:   #1 TAGINE What is tagine exactly?  A tagine is the actual clay pot used...

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Wooooooof, my escapders!  Are you a gym rat?  Do you love staying in shape no matter where you are? Do you crave sweating on the elliptical and hitting the weights even when you’re traveling abroad?  People love going to the gym because it provides them with the equipment, resources, and motivation to reach their fitness goals.  Finding a gym abroad can be tricky when traveling, and pathetically, most hotel fitness centers only offer...

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Woooof, escapaders!  It’s no surprise that routines coincide with a healthy lifestyle; not having a routine for an extended period of time may take a toll on your health because humans (just like us dogs) function better with structure in place. Nonetheless, taking an occasional break from your “daily grind” is healthy as well; hence, that’s why you travel – to break away from your “daily grind.”  While...

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