Posts made in December, 2016

Heelllooooooooo, escapaders! Let’s head to the fairy tale land of Edinburgh, Scotland, and eat some… vegetarian food? Yes, vegetarian food. My tail may wag like crazy just for scraps of a Sunday roast, but I will beg for hours to get some cucumber slices. And zucchini slices. AND carrot sticks. Mmmm. Must have those veggies! Being a dog gives me this supernatural ability to adapt to an omnivore diet – yep, I don’t find...

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Hellllloooooo, healthy escapaders! Let’s sniff out my 5 MUST SEE Places in Edinburgh, Scotland. With the city being downright walkable even for a toy dog like me, Edinburgh is one of my dearest cities to roam and mark in Europe. It’s easy to be active in this lovely city with a throwback charm; yep, Medieval times – here I come! It’s enchanting. It’s hilly. It’s unique. It’s fairy tale town....

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Woooooof, my healthy escapaders! Working out while traveling can be difficult, but that shouldn’t be an alibi for avoiding it completely. No gym on the road? No problem! I know it’s easier to be motivated when you’re surrounded by gym rats putting in a honest days work, but the subsequent euphoria after a good workout is a more than sufficient reward. In addition to the motivational atmosphere, we, of course, go to...

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