Posts made in August, 2018

HALLO, escapaders! My little yorkie heart has a genuine love for Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of Netherlands. OMG this city is amaaaazing; just think about it – the notable arts, dynamic history, intriguing crooked houses, endless canals, myriad of bikes, coffee shops, Anne Frank house, Red Light District, and the list goes ON. As I make my mark around this dog-friendly city, I find myself doing what I do best, which is...

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Wooooof, escapaders! As a four-legged world escapader, I often get intrigued looks from humans and dogs as soon as they hear that I flew well over 10 hours just to mark up their neighborhood poles and tree stumps and devour all the chops-lickin’ food that their hometown has to offer. A long-haul flight is never easy for any dog, even the most-experienced escapader like myself. There’s indisputably more anxiety for dogs than humans...

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