Posts made in April, 2019

As a traveling yorkie for the last 3 years, I feel like I’ve been on a path to collect more memories from my world escapades than any yorkie brain can handle. From bay cruises to long-haul flights, I’ve built a brainy empire filled with stimulating travel experiences as I conquer every destination with my furry paws, upright tail, and alpha markings. Just take a sniff of my butt to find out where I’ve set my paws. As an...

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WOOF, escapaders! What can a yorkie bark out about Ljubljana? As the largest city AND alluring capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is situated along the curving river Ljubljanica. Despite its famed Old Town and numerous museums, the city is often overlooked as a sniff-worthy destination by international travelers. Notably the richest city in the Balkans, Ljubljana is truly unique; it’s the city of dragons, a dynamic college town, and one...

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As a world escapader and well-pampered dog, I am disheartened to find “backyard” dogs worldwide, even in the most dog-friendly areas. Millions of dogs live miserable lives outside with little or no shelter and care from their humans. If they’re so-called “lucky,” they may have a “dog house” with a dirty blanket and a bowl of water (may or may not be fresh). The harsh reality is that many backyard dogs are tethered, which not only...

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