Posts made in July, 2019

Whether you’re taking your furry pal(s) to a relaxing beach destination or buzzy international city this summer, please perk up your ears to hear my alpha barks now. With an upright tail, I’ll bark out my expert tips on how to keep your dog healthy on your next summer vacation! ARF, sniff out my tips for summer travel with your dog below.   #1 Tip for Summer Travel with your dog – Always have WATER on the go When traveling...

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Humans and dogs often perk up their ears and tilt their head in a dazed fashion when they see me lick my chops and wag my tail uncontrollably to veggies. I am not a full-on vegetarian dog, but I do believe vegetarian food is something worth chomping on and barking about. Plus we can all agree that meat reduction can benefit our health, the environment, and of course, the millions of animals raised for consumption. In the Greek food...

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