Posts made in August, 2019

ARRRFF! After 3+ years on the road, I’ve become quite the expert dog traveler as I conquered different modes of transportation. From international flights to bay cruises, I’ve snored through them all and kept my nose super wet at the same time. Check out all the modes of transportation that I’ve set my greasy furry paws on!     So YOU wanna travel with your furry best friend? I’m happy to bark out my...

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  ARRFF! As I make my mark around the globe, I often come across countless dogs, cats, and other animals living in deplorable conditions and blatantly suffering from utmost cruelty. Even though animal suffering is found literally everywhere in the world (even in nations with the most progressive animal welfare laws), we can still take small yet effective actions to make a positive impact on one’s life (or many lives) on...

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ARF, ARF! As my alpha barks promised, I have more to deliver from my wet nose escapade to Amsterdam, Netherlands! From Dutch cats to the Red Light District, my epic return to this ultra-fascinating European city is nothing but sniff-worthily remarkable. Turn up the volume, perk up your ears, shake off any debris from your eyes, and hit PLAY with that greasy right (or left) paw now!   Dog Travel in Amsterdam: The Return of Roger...

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HALLO, escapaders! My tail is wagging to be back in one of my favorite cities in the world – the hip, funky, and dog-friendly Amsterdam, As I got tired of panting from the crazy heat in Greece, I fled north and crossed multiple borders – all the way to the Netherlands. In July, I flew in-cabin from the beautiful resort island of Crete, Greece to the incredibly colorful and bustling Amsterdam, Netherlands. It has been 2...

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