Posts made in September, 2019

ARRF! From the ban on the sale of animal fur to the ban of wild animals in circuses, I love seeing phenomenal victories for animals in various parts of the world, especially in my hometown California! Earlier this year, California became the first state in the U.S. to ban the sale of non-rescue animals at pet stores as an effort to fight against evil puppy mills. WOOF-HOO! However, the reality is that we are still far from an...

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Bonjour, escapaders! Whenever I set my tiny paws in the City of Lights, I just love human-watching (and pretending that I’m a sophisticated Parisian dog). Filled with diverse cultures and beautiful architecture, Paris is one of the best places on earth to sip on coffee (or tea, beer, or water – whatever drink you prefer to lick your chops to), sit back, and watch the world pass by. From bustling local cafes to enthralling...

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WOOOOF! If you’re truly good to your dog, you will only see the goodness and love return tenfold. Humans who treat their dogs like family with utmost compassion and kindness know that there’s everything to gain. When you perceive your dog as a unique individual with his/her wants and needs, you inevitably feel a deeper connection with your loyal four-legged companion. As we all know, a dog’s love for humans is not only GREAT but also...

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Bonjour, escapaders! Follow my paw prints to find out how I make my mark at the world-famous Louvre in Paris. Located on the Right Bank, the Louvre is the world’s LARGEST art museum and one of the most popular attractions in Europe. As you may already know, the Louvre is home to Mona Lisa, which is Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece and arguably the best artwork in history. Paris holds a special place in my little Yorkie...

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