Posts made in October, 2019

Ni Hao, escapaders! Let’s sniff out the dogs of Taipei… In Taiwan’s bustling, dog-lovin’ capital city of Taipei, you can find pampered pooches in strollers with personal fans (to combat the humidity), Poodles and Malteses rockin’ the most stylish cuts, herbal shop resident Dachshunds welcoming new customers, Shibas venturing night markets with their humans, a plethora of luxurious doggie spas and daycare...

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Ciao, escapaders! Earlier this year, my humans and I made a temporary yet memorable move to the mesmerizing city of Florence in Italy. As the capital of Tuscany, Florence is culturally rich with world-renowned artwork and architecture from the Renaissance era. It felt so surreal to set my furry little paws on such pawsome historical streets! Besides its cultural lure, Florence is also one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world....

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AH-HOOO! As Halloween is right around the corner, I’m howling like my ancestor wolves and notifying my pack of safety tips. Hear me bark out 7 tips on how to keep your precious dogs and cats safe on Halloween:   #1 Choose a costume WITH CARE Humans LOVE dressing up for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean animals love it (or even like it) too. They are probably not as eager as you are to dress up like a pumpkin or Simba from the Lion...

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ARRRF! No questions asked – Paris is one of the BEST places on Earth to devour paw-lickin’ food. As my furry little paws and shiny wet nose make their way around the globe, I can bark out with an upright tail that French cuisine is more than chops-lickin’ amazing – it’s truly exquisite and DIVINE! Follow my French escapade to see all the yummy goodies that I sniffed out (and chomped on) as an American dog...

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