Posts made in February, 2020

Should you protect your pet dog from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that’s spreading globally?   As we all know, coronavirus is quickly becoming a pandemic and fears are heightening around the world. In Hong Kong, a dog of a coronavirus patient was recently tested “weak positive” for coronavirus, making it the first case of a pet potentially being infected with COVID-19. On Friday, February 28, 2020, Hong Kong’s...

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Zdravo again, escapaders! ARF, ARF – my upright rat tail is wagging uncontrollably for my new video showcasing all the FUN and crazy times I had as a small town Yorkie MAN in the medieval coastal town of Dubrovnik, Croatia (better known as the Pearl of the Adriatic). After setting my paws in this dog-friendly town twice (for three months each time), I feel like Dubrovnik is one of my many beloved homes away from home. As you can...

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ARRRF, wanna find out all the FUN things to do with your dog in Dubrovnik? Read on NOW! Zdravo, escapaders! I’ve always been a city boy, but I don’t mind living the small-town life once in a while. So yes, I DID enjoy my time as a small town Yorkie MAN in Dubrovnik, the jaw-dropping medieval town on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Many thanks to spectacular geography, its UNESCO-famous walled city, and of course, Game of Thrones,...

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Kon’nichiwa, escapaders! My tail is wagging as I bark out my latest video showcasing the marvelous dogs in Japan (and some cats), from Kanto to Kansai. Stylishly groomed, exceptionally clean, and usually well-dressed, the dogs here are often treated as REAL family members. With a historic low birthrate in the country, many married couples are opting for furkids over human babies. From fancy dog spas to high-end doggie daycare...

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WOOF, Valentine’s Day is one of the best holidays to celebrate with your dog. As dogs give you unconditional love 365 days out of the year, it’s only fair that you love them back EVERY SINGLE DAY, and even more so on Valentine’s Day! Here are 10 easy ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your beloved dog(s):   #1 Give them a PRESENT ARRRF, start Valentine’s Day celebration right with their favorite type of treats, bones, or...

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