Posts made in April, 2020

Practicing social distancing with your dog? READ ON… As of today (April 29, 2020), there have been a few reported cases of domestic dogs and cats being infected with coronavirus (COVID-19). This handful of cases appear to be human-to-animal transmission and the “infected” pets only exhibited mild symptoms, if any. So, the good news is that it appears that domestic animals are LESS susceptible to the virus than...

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WOOF! If you’re learning how to potty train your dog without a crate, your little wet nose has brought you to the RIGHT place. Hopefully, you’ve already sniffed out my previous post on 10 reasons NOT to crate your dog and are moving forward with the next step. Yep, more effective and certainly more humane potty training ways exist regardless of the age of your furry best friend. Even if you strongly support crating, you cannot deny...

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ARRRF, I’ve officially survived FIVE weeks as an American dog in Barcelona LOCKDOWN. Find out how I survived another eight days of lockdown in Spain, days 27 to 34 (April 9, to April 16, 2020). SNIFF ME OUT NOW! Thank goodness we continued to experience good news in Spain during this period. WOOF-HOO! The number of daily infections continued to decrease EXCEPT for a spike on April 15th (from 3,961 to 6,599). Luckily, the number...

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WOOF, my little Yorkie tail is wagging to present to you my latest human training tips – How to raise a PACK of Humans. Raising a pack of humans is certainly a challenge for any alpha dog (including myself), but it’s more than possible if you are strategic, determined, and patient. Oh yes, as any furry pack leader knows, patience is a MUST when dealing with humans (who just don’t always get it)! Whether you are...

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ARF, ARF! Yes, an American dog copes with coronavirus lockdown in Spain…that is ME! Find out how I survive quarantine days 19 to 26 in Barcelona, the beautiful international destination turned ghost town. During this period (April 1 to April 7, 2020), Spain saw a significant drop in the number of daily infections on April 5, 2020, from 6,969 to 5,478. Even though the number of infections and deaths went back up on April 7, 2020,...

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