Posts made in May, 2020

WOOF, ready for the coolest tricks of a Yorkie a.k.a. ME? Teaching your dog new tricks can be a fun and rewarding experience that deepens the bond between you and your furry best friend. As a senior dog, I love being mentally stimulated by new tricks, especially since we’ve been staying at home more. And yes, old dogs CAN learn new tricks – I’m still learning new ones as I BARK.  Perk up your ears, tilt your head, and...

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Wanna hear REAL sounds of a Yorkie? How many sounds can a Yorkie make? ARRRF. GRRR. WOOF. AROOOOO!  Yorkies may be small or “toy” dogs, but we sure have BIG personalities. For one, we aren’t afraid to speak our minds. Whenever I want something, I’ll let my humans know. Seriously, I’ll bark at them until I get what I want! Second, we Yorkies can hold our own; big dogs don’t intimidate us. As a confident alpha dog, I always have...

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Sniff out my favorite human food for Yorkies and other dogs! WOOF! Despite what many dog owners believe, not all human or “table” food is “bad” for dogs. A plethora of tasty yet healthy human foods makes the BEST dog treats – much better than the highly processed dog food commonly found in pet supplies stores. Of course, we all know that dogs love their protein and can consume (unseasoned) lean meat and fish, but what other...

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ARF, ARF! Should you tether or chain your dog? I’m not referring to short-term tethering (or “dog parking”) where you leave your dog outside the ice cream shop for 10-15 minutes. I’m barking about long-term tethering or chaining where dogs are consistently living outside chained or tied up to a stationary object for more than a few hours a day. If you are contemplating whether or not you should tether or chain your dog, you’ve...

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Hola, escapders! SNIFF out what I’ve been experiencing as an American Dog in Barcelona Lockdown… WOOF-HOO! As I hold my stylish tail upright, I’m enraptured to bark out more GOOD NEWS in Spain. Since my last lockdown update on April 16 (LOCKDOWN DAY 34), the overall number of daily infections and the death toll has continued to FALL in the last 16 days (well, except for a few spikes here and there). The daily death toll has now...

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