5 Reasons Why You Should Travel with your DOG

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5 Reasons why you should travel with your dog

ARF, escapaders! Sure, it’s easier to leave your dog behind when you go on vacation, but there are plenty PAWSITIVES in taking your best friend along. Sniff out my top 5 reasons why you should travel with your dog:


#1 Reason why you should travel with your dog:

NO ONE will take better care of your dog than you

5 Reasons why you should travel with your dog

Fancy pooch hotels, expensive kennels, trusted family members, and dog nannies – those options automatically come to mind when you have to leave your dog behind. Of course, you can find trusted people or reputable businesses to care for your dog, from giving them required medication to exercising them daily. However, if you’re one amazing companion to your dog, you know that no one comes close to you in terms of care, attention, and body warmth. PLUS your dog will be wagging his/her tail uncontrollably to keep you company! I am always ecstatic when I get to leave with my humans as they walk out with their luggage. 🙂


#2 Reason why you should travel with your dog:

It creates a deeper BOND between you and your dog

5 Reasons why you should travel with your dog

Wooof! Anyone who has traveled with his/her dog can attest that it creates wonderful memories. Although there are stressful implications in the physical act of traveling, the overall experience is generally rewarding (with careful planning) as you two grow together through obstacles and unique experiences. It inevitably strengthens the bond between you and your dog. In addition, traveling is simply more fun when your best friend accompanies you. If you’re a solo traveler, the company of your dog combats loneliness and provides protection. I especially love the quality time that I spent with my humans during one chilly winter in Paris, from snuggling up against them with my blankey at a cafe in Le Marais to gobbling up succulent beef bourguignon in Saint Germain.


#3 Reason why you should travel with your dog:

It makes you more SOCIAL

5 Reasons why you should travel with your dog

Dogs are wonderful social beings and naturally make you a more social person. They love socializing with each other (and sometimes, humans), which will lead you to some awesome icebreakers and conversation starters with humans who also have dogs or simply love dogs or animals. Traveling with a dog helps you meet people and develop connections with both locals and other travelers, which is a truly rewarding experience in itself. Thanks to my curious wet nose, my humans have made long-lasting friendships with other humans and doggies from all over the world. It’s marvelous that dogs help humans find common ground in a world where differences are usually emphasized.


#4 Reason why you should travel with your dog:

It makes you HEALTHIER

5 Reasons why you should travel with your dog

As we all know, dogs keep humans active! Healthy dogs, whether small or big, have A LOT of energy to exert; they love their walks, runs, and playtime. Dogs thrive on routines and encourage you to stick with a daily exercise routine, which undoubtedly keeps you healthy. Because dogs need to be outside to relieve themselves or get their daily sniff, they force you to exercise regularly even when you’re on the road. If you choose not to take your dog along to explore the town, you will still need to exercise or walk them before you head out in the morning and upon your return in the evening. It’s a systematic way to maintain an active lifestyle no matter where you are. Yippee! For me, I get at least 2 walks on a travel day and 3 walks on a regular basis.


#5 Reason why you should travel with your dog:

It allows you to LIVE like a LOCAL

5 Reasons why you should travel with your dog

As you are likely to slow down the pace when you’re on the road with your dog, you have the privilege of living more like a local compared to a tourist who’s racing against time. Because dogs need their routines, they should not always be on-the-go nor should they be in fluctuating environments. Again, when you spend more time in one place instead of city-hopping, it allows you to truly experience the culture, learn about the people, and make genuine connections. Walking them around different neighborhoods provides a distinctive local experience as you will meet other dog owners and gain different perspectives of the dog or pet culture in the area (which does differ from place to place). As a four-legged escapader, I’ve been hand-fed with love by a butcher in Florence AND met with total disgust on an outdoor patio at a restaurant in Las Vegas (Grrrr).


WOOF-Hoooo! So you wanna take your pooch along on your next vacation? Sniff out HOW TO TRAVEL WITH YOUR DOG!


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5 Reasons why you should travel with your dog

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5 Reasons why you should travel with your dog

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