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Roger Wellington is an ultra bossy Yorkshire Terrier originally from California. As a rescue dog, his exact age is unknown (although many veterinarians have made different hypotheses, from 10-12 years old). Being an alpha dog, he always marches around with an upright tail and takes good care of his pack. He loves devouring food from all over the world, sniffing out bushes and poles, marking his territory (just about everywhere), and sleeping whenever he feels like it. His favorite thing to do in the world is to sniff out and eat the BEST food, making him the cutest (or MANLIEST?) international foodie. On the other hand, his least favorite thing to do in the world is to brush his decay-prone teeth, which he needs to do after all his chops-lickin’ meals. After being crated for over 16-18 hours on average daily with his lady friend Cleo (the sweetest pit bull ever) and surrendered TWICE as if he were some “toy,” he was finally rescued by his globe-trotting humans who gave him his happily ever after. Shortly after his humans resigned from the conventional office to become world nomads, Roger W. joined them on their international escapades and instantaneously became the fabulous star of the blog. He is now found markin’ up all over the world!

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Roger Wellington a.k.a The Doob is the Wet Nose Escapader.


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