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Roger Wellington a.k.a. The Doob is an ultra bossy Yorkshire Terrier hailing from San Francisco, California. Although many veterinarians have made various hypotheses, his exact age is unknown but could range anywhere from 10 to 13 years old. After being crated for OVER 16-18 hours on average daily with his sweet pit bull lady friend Cleo and surrendered TWICE as if he were some toy (first time cruelly due to the arrival of a newborn and second time due to lack of patience in transitioning), he was finally rescued in 2015 by his globe-trotting millennial humans who gave him his happily ever after. Shortly after his humans resigned from the conventional office to become world nomads in 2016, Roger W. joined them on their international escapades and instantaneously became the fabulous star of the blog. From a miserable life in a crate, he has now transformed into an international foodie, 7 lb. pack leader, dog (and cat :)) advocate, and arguably the most masculine travel blogger.


Here are just a few places that this furry nomad has set his paws on:

Traveling Yorkie: how to travel with your dog

A true alpha dog, Roger W. has a really bad case of FOMO so you’ll see him licking his chops to the yummiest food and marking up the coolest dog-friendly spots in the world. Besides barking out his unique experiences as a world traveling Yorkie, he’s here to teach you how to travel with your dog (your precious four-legged best friend) and keep him or her healthy (and happy) on the road! If you sniff out his little Yorkie buttocks longer, you’ll find some healthy travel tips and paw-lickin’ recommendations for humans. As the pack leader, he likes to take care of his entire pack! As his humans would attest, he’s also the self-proclaimed #1 Human Trainer. He knows what he wants and HOW to get it. 🙂 His favorite thing to do in the world is to sniff out and eat the BEST food, making him the cutest (or is it MANLIEST?) international foodie. On the other hand, his least favorite thing to do in the world is to brush his decay-prone teeth, which he needs to do after all his chops-lickin’ meals!

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Roger Wellington a.k.a The Doob is the Wet Nose Escapader.

About Wet Nose Escapades

ARRRF! I’m Roger Wellington,


World Traveling Yorkie: How to Travel with Your Dog


BUT most people call me The Doob. After being rescued by two nomadic millennials in San Francisco, I left my miserable crate life and transformed into the world traveling Yorkie. Since 2016, I’ve set my tiny furry paws on over 45 flights and countless trains across more than 20 countries. Besides sniffing out the best dog-friendly activities around the world, I teach dog pawrents how to travel with their dogs safely. WOOF, I plan on catching up with my humans who have been to nearly 50 countries across 5 continents (and lived on 3 continents) in addition to over 25 states. However, being a true nomadic dog, I don’t travel for short vacations or the sake of collecting countries – I TRAVEL TO LIVE. Follow my nomadic canine escapades and learn to travel with your dog!


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