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Wooooof! I’m not the only awesome blogger out there (although I may be the cutest and MANLIEST). Check out these blogs that I love!


Free Two Roam – Cindy and Simon show the best in every place that they’ve visited. Rather than focusing on the things they disliked about a destination, they seek out the positives. They capture them through photos and writings. They often visit places that are a little less popular and off the beaten track (such as New Caledonia and Sri Lanka) with the hope that it inspires their readers to do the same.





The TRVL Blog: Budget Travel For All – Nathan is on an open ended trip as far as his budget will take him. His pockets aren’t very deep, so he’s seeking out those budget travel opportunities. He’s sharing his experiences and budget tips along the way.






Laura Bedokis – Laura shows you how to travel fearlessly while raising your furry BFF! An overly obsessed Husky mom, Laura provides trip information, resources and more to make travel fun and anxiety-free!




UTravelShare – 2 friends with the same passion, which is to travel and share their amazing experiences around the world! Davide travels principally with Romina, and Stefano by himself! They share their feelings and emotions from years of traveling around the world.





 Explore the Map – Sam and Jacob are fun and adventurous Canadians who take every opportunity to see the world. Although they only travel part-time (for now), they are exploring and discovering the world, one corner at a time. Follow their blog for some amazing hiking adventures!





Hawaiian Brian – Brian is a full-time accountant and part-time world traveler from the tropical paradise of Columbus, Ohio. He helps people get the most out their freaking awesome vacation!





The Traveling Traveler – Julia is a traveling Speech-Language Pathologist who works short term contracts in hospitals across the United States and writes about being a traveling therapist. She provides resources and inspiration for traveling healthcare professionals and those who want to travel for work or pleasure!



ARRRRF! I’m Roger Wellington,

World Traveling Yorkie: How to Travel with Your Dog

BUT most people call me The Doob. I am the world traveling Yorkie. After being rescued by my pawsome humans from a miserable life in a crate, I transformed into an international foodie, 7 lb. pack leader, dog (and cat :)) advocate, and arguably the most masculine travel blogger. And, as my humans would attest, I am the self-proclaimed #1 Human Trainer. Since 2016, I’ve set my greasy paws on more countries than the average human on Earth, making myself quite the expert traveling Yorkie.  

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Keep your dog SAFE on international flights!

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