Dog-friendly Activities in Miami, Florida: 10 Things to do with Your Dog

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Sniffing for dog-friendly activities in Miami? WOOF, your wet nose has led you to the right place! Check out my list of Dog-Friendly Activities in Miami below…


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10 fun things to do with your dog in Miami:


#1 Pawty in South Beach


ARF, I was more than pleased that my humans decided on this exuberant neighborhood as our home away from home! From Art deco architecture to beautiful beaches to trendy restaurants and bars (many of which are dog-friendly), South Beach is the place for a PAWTY in this fantastic city. I love setting my tiny alpha paws to explore Ocean Drive (the spectacular main street) and the pedestrian-friendly Lincoln Road Mall. 

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#2 Devour Cuban food in Little Havana

dog in miami, things to do with your dog in miami

That’s right, the charming Little Havana is dog-friendly! If you aren’t up for the flight to Cuba with your dog, Little Havana is a pretty pawsome and solid cultural experience. I chomped on juicy Cubanos and watched ARF-so-skilled torcedores perfect their cigar craft. With an upright tail, I even held my spot in line for a 75 cent Cuban coffe and barked at humans if they attempted to cut me.

*”Cubanos” are Cuban sandwiches! Although variations exist (with vegan alternatives on the rise), Cuban sandwiches or “Cubanos” typically consist of ham, roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard multi-layered on Cuban bread


#3 Discover Lummus Park


One of my favorite dog-friendly activities in Miami! Lummus Park is a whoppin’ 74-acre urban park in Miami Beach, which means a whole lot of marking for me! Located on Ocean Drive, Lummus Park offers abundant green spaces with palm trees to explore with your dog (not to mention its incredible IG-worthiness). I sure feel like barking out Will Smith’s “Welcome to Miami.” 


#4 Hang out at Nikki Beach 

dog at nikki beach in miami, dog friendly activities in miami

Nikki Beach in Miami Beach is one pawradise. Not only is the admission completely free, but Nikki Beach is also dog-friendly! WOOF, it’s a luxurious beach club without the unnecessary pretension. Grab chops-lickin’ brunch, lunch, or drinks with your dog and surround yourself with a vibrant yet laid back atmosphere concocted by music, palm trees, cabanas, and teepees. From digging for gold by the cabana to brunching it up with my humans, I can’t bark for a more dog-friendly experience. 

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#5 Visit Wynwood Walls

dog at wynwood walls miami, dog friendly activities in miami

ARF, I’m not an artsy kind of guy (I mean, dog), but I do love accompanying my humans to this popular artistic Miami attraction. Luckily for dogs, the famous Wynwood Walls welcomes dogs and offers free admission to all guests (including canines). As long as you keep your dog on-leash, you can delight yourself to gigantic outdoor murals from all over the world with your best friend by your side. Although dogs aren’t typically allowed inside the galleries, I didn’t experience any problem entering as I rested comfortably in my human’s arms.

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#6 Stroll along Bayfront Park + Marketplace


Located in Downtown, the dog-friendly Bayfront Park borders Bayfront Marketplace (the 2-story open-air shopping center) and the famed American Airlines Arena (arena that houses NBA games and huge concerts). After raking my feet at Bayfront Park, I like to sniff out the intriguing scent in the air at Miamarina and then go window shopping at Bayfront Marketplace (I’m more of a sniffer, not a shopper). From a safe distance, I also perked up my ears to some live music at Bayfront Marketplace. 


#7 Dine and Drink at a Rooftop Lounge

things to do with your dog in miami, dog at rooftop bar in miami

A rooftop bar or lounge with your dog is a MUST in Miami. Dog-friendly dining + tail waggin’ city views – what more can you bark? I love the ultra-cool vibe at Sugar (a trendy rooftop bar and lounge at the EAST Miami Hotel) and the paw-lickin’ Japanese fusion food at Watr at 1 Rooftop (poolside dining at 1 Hotel South Beach).

More info on dining with your dog in Miami: 

WOOF, the best part about Miami is that most restaurants and bars offer outdoor seating, which means they are generally dog-friendly. Many restaurants with only indoor dining have also accepted me without any hassle; therefore, I have a little Yorkie hunch that a restaurant’s dog-friendliness may ultimately depend on the staff working at the time or the establishment owner (if present). Nevertheless, always consider restaurants with outdoor seating first to save yourself some headaches. However, if you are dying to try a restaurant with only indoor seating, go for it and see what they say! The worst thing that can happen is they say NO.

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#8 Walk around Coconut Grove


Arf-my-goodness, I love chilling in this quaint, upscale neighborhood. Coconut Grove (or simply known as “The Grove”) is a whole different Miami scene compared to the touristy South Beach as it’s much more relaxing. After all, it’s one of the greenest areas in the city. Outdoor cafes, expensive boutiques (with dog bowls outside), enchanting gardens, pretty marinas, and even a forest (yes, a FOREST) create an ultra calming atmosphere, making this high-end, lush area worthy of visiting with your dog.


#9 Bum it out on the Beach 

dog in miami beach, things to do with your dog in miami

Your dog can’t visit Miami without getting their paws sandy! With plenty of dog-friendly beaches to choose from, I DO recommend beach hopping. Grr, I can’t stop my furry paws from digging for gold on Lummus Park Beach, where dogs are allowed but must remain on-leash. For off-leash dog-friendly beaches, take your dog to Haulover Park, Bark Beach, or Hobie Island Beach Park – just to bark a few.


#10 Relax Poolside


As most hotels in Miami offer luxurious pools with a picturesque backdrop of alluring palm trees, I can nap poolside with my human all day long , given that the weather is pleasant. The best time to visit Miami is typically between November and March as the weather is most comfortable (don’t be enticed by cheap flights during hurricane season). Whether you are starting or ending your day, chillin’ poolside with your dog is the most relaxing dog-friendly activity in Miami! 


Dog-Friendly Transportation in Miami: 

My humans and I use Uber to get around the city (and to/from the airport). Although my human brings along a soft carrier for me, I usually sit on her lap while riding Uber. All the drivers have been friendly and welcoming. No issues to date!


Hope you enjoy these dog-friendly activities in Miami! If you have another fun dog-friendly activity in Miami to share, please BARK AT ME.

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Markin’ it up,

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Dog-friendly Activities in Miami, Florida: 10 Things to do with Your Dog


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