Dog Friendly Activities in Vienna: An American dog travels to Austria

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HALLO, escapaders! Watch me explore dog-friendly activities, places, and restaurants in Vienna, Austria as an American dog traveler. From claiming my throne at The Hofburg to late-night chilling at the wüstel or bratwurst stands, I love making my alpha mark in Vienna, one of the most dog-friendly cities that I’ve ever set my tiny paws on Planet Earth.


Press PLAY with your furry (or greasy) paw to watch me find all the dog friendly activities in Vienna:


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Video Highlights:

Getting a free, dog-edible bratwurst (YUM!)

Claiming my throne by making alpha commands at The Hofburg

Waiting for a table at Cafe Sacher (at the luxurious Hotel Sacher) to get a lick of the Original Sacher Torte

Playing (or I guess, BEING) tourist at Figlmüller (schnitzels, anyone?)

CRAZY hair at Rathauspark

Sniffing for PRETZELS

Watching Viennese humans perform and trying to “understand” them

Shopping for delicious goodies at Nashmarkt

Setting my furry paws on a vineyard

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My Dog Friendly Travel Score for Vienna: 9.5/10

Dogs allowed at restaurants? YES, INSIDE! No questions asked, no nasty looks. Water bowl served pretty quickly. 🙂

Dogs allowed in public spaces? YES

Dogs allowed inside markets? NO (I had to take off a 1/2 point for this :(. Otherwise, I would have barked out a perfect 10 for Vienna)

Dogs respected as companion animals? YES, absolutely (with some of the strictest animal rights laws in the world)

High number of stray dogs? NO, I encountered ZERO.


Hope you enjoy watching me sniff out all the wonderful dog-friendly activities in Vienna. Feel free to share your barks on your dog travel experience in Vienna. If you need help preparing, click here to find out what you need for your travel dog.

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Markin’ it up,

Roger Wellington a.k.a. The Doob

Dog Friendly Activities in Vienna: An American dog travels to Austria


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Dog Friendly Activities in Vienna: An American dog travels to Austria


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