A Yorkie Travels to Dog-Friendly Bratislava, Slovakia

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ARRRRFFF, is Bratislava, Slovakia dog-friendly? Keep on sniffing!

Slovakia’s exuberant capital of Bratislava is one special place. And, certainly one dog-friendly place! Located on the border of Austria and Hungary, Bratislava is not just another castle-town in Europe. With its delightful location along the Danube River, this often overlooked capital city is the perfect balance between tranquility and liveliness. So how did I, the world traveling yorkie, take on Bratislava? Feel free to sniff my bottom to find out exactly where I’ve been (alternatively, you can simply read my post below if you’re not much of a butt sniffer).


How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia



#1 My wet nose led me all over Old Town.

How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

Throughout my entire 3-week escapade in Bratislava, I stayed in the famous historical Old Town where I sniffed out all the action. Bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops keep this pedestrian-friendly area fun yet safe for dogs and their humans. Dog water bowls are found outside of most storefronts, which means I can always hydrate after a long walk.

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#2 I filled up my little tummy at Street Food Park every Saturday.

How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

Located in front of Old Market Hall, Street Food Park happens every Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm. A super cool food truck festival with gourmet food vendors, Street Food Park operates on a “zero waste” concept so EVERYTHING is recycled with no plastic materials to be found. From healthy veggie wraps to paw-lickin’ fried gyoza, I can spend the whole day hopping from truck to truck (or vacuuming the ground) for a wide range of delicious goodies.


#3 My paws stumbled upon a cool lighting show at the Main Square.

How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

Within a few days in Bratislava, I quickly realized that it is truly a city of events. Exciting free events happen year-round and are accessible by the public. OK, it wasn’t a “lighting show” despite what my night vision will tell you. Rather, it was the 150th Anniversary celebration of the Bratislava City Museum! Nonetheless, there were animated lights, lively music, video-mapping on the facade, and even dance performances by humans. It felt like Christmas in Spring!

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#4 I licked my chops to goulash.

How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

I am IN LOVE with goulash! A very “homey” meal, goulash is a stew or soup of meat chunks and veggies cooked paprika and other wonderful spices. Gosh, it’s so juicy, tasty, and savory with the most tender beef that a dog can ask for. Mmmm I can almost taste such lusciousness in my mouth with its irresistible smell. The Hungarians may have the original claim to goulash, but the Slovaks surely followed suit by making it a popular staple food. The best part about traveling to Bratislava with a dog is that most restaurants ARE dog-friendly and will gladly accept your dog inside. 


#5 I couldn’t believe they have avocado toast here!

How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

As an international foodie, I was quite surprised to find avocado toast here. WOOF, it’s pretty Californian if you ask me. Haha gotta love it. And don’t worry, I know to skip avocado from my diet. 🙂 More for you humans!

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#6 I worked out my muscles at the gym.

How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

Oops, I meant I worked out my leg muscle. Yep, I sniffed out, then marked up an outdoor gym at Sad Janka Král’a, a beautiful public park located in Petržalka. Humans, if you are looking for a free, fun, and easy way to stay healthy in Bratislava, this public exercise facility is IT! With no underground transportation system in the city, everything is pretty much within walking distance so it’s effortless to get moving no matter what.

However, if you have some euros to spare and prefer an indoor facility, I recommend FIT UP, a regional chain in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. My humans have personally tried it with several month-long memberships over the years. I’ve set my paws in several locations myself and found the facilities to be consistently clean and well-maintained.


#7 I showed MINI ME my back kick.

How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

So I found my MINI SLOVAK ME in Bratislava! We got along well, but I made sure the he sniffed me out and knew who’s BOSS. 

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#8 I investigated Cumil.

How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

This famous sewer worker Cumil scared me, at least at first glance. I growled at him. GRRRR. I did NOT trust him. BUT, upon a closer sniff and thorough investigation, I found him to be completely harmless and quite intriguing. My robust wet nose reported back that he has been marked up by other dogs (and probably lots of them). To be clear, it was NOT ME as my humans stopped me before I had an opportunity to do so. Arrggh!


#9 I fell in love with the Danube River.

How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

It’s Europe’s second largest river, flowing through a whopping TEN countries! That’s a lot of countries and a very long river if you ask me. Despite being an athletic dog, I was not keen on walking the entire river. However, I loved walking along parts of this beauty, where I met other dogs and took my time to sniff out and mark up the tranquil trail.

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#10 I couldn’t decide between homemade cabbage soup and potato pastries.

How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

Both of these two traditional Slovak dishes smelled so darn good. My wet nose couldn’t decide on which one to try first! ARRF, if only I had two tongues…

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How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

WOOOOF, dog-friendly Bratislava rocks! Thinking of traveling with your dog? Put your paw HERE for more info. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Wet Nose Escapades by Roger Wellington for dog travel videos!


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How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

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How a yorkie takes on Bratislava, Slovakia

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