Dog Travel in Dubrovnik, Croatia (VIDEO)

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Zdravo again, escapaders! ARF, ARF – my upright rat tail is wagging uncontrollably for my new video showcasing all the FUN and crazy times I had as a small town Yorkie MAN in the medieval coastal town of Dubrovnik, Croatia (better known as the Pearl of the Adriatic). After setting my paws in this dog-friendly town twice (for three months each time), I feel like Dubrovnik is one of my many beloved homes away from home. As you can sniff out in the video, dog travel to Dubrovnik is easy peasy; from dog-friendly beaches to dog-friendly hikes, Dubrovnik is a beautiful, enchanting resort castle town for both you and your dog to explore! 

Watch my video “Dog Travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia: Roger Wellington conquers the Pearl of the Adriatic” by perking up your ears and pressing PLAY with one furry paw (or greasy, if you’re like me):



Video Highlights:

Alpha dog exploration of the Old City

Markup of MY hood, Lapad in Babin Kuk

My fabulous Chewbacca hair from 2017

The fascinating Mr. Mustache Cat from Lapad

Yorkie meditation to a million-dollar sunset view at Uvala Lapad Beach

Scary turbulent waves!!!

Chops-lickin’ meals at HORIZONT, SHIZUKU, and LAPAD (check out all my favorite restaurants HERE)


My Dog Friendly Travel Score for Dubrovnik: 8/10

Dogs allowed at restaurants? Usually outdoor seating only, but occasionally inside (depending on staff)

Dogs allowed in public spaces? YES

Dogs allowed inside markets? NO

Dogs respected as companion animals? YES

High number of stray dogs? NO (many thanks to the wondrous Zarkovica Animal Shelter), but there are LOTS of stray and feral cats


Dog Travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia: Roger Wellington conquers the Pearl of the Adriatic


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Happy and healthy traveling! Set your paws on more marvelous destinations…


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Dog Travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dog Travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia: Roger Wellington conquers the Pearl of the Adriatic

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