Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN’!

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Arrrrrffff, healthy escapaders! Let’s get MOVIN’! No matter where we are in the world, we can exercise. In fact, we can even exercise while sitting down. I’m not saying that there aren’t any limitations, but we can still work it! That’s right, humans – there’s really no excuse; whether you’re sedentary on a bus or plane, you ought to bark up some energy. Here are 10 easy ways to get movin’:


#1 Way To Exercise While Sitting: ELBOW IN AND OUT

Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN'

Wooooof! Wanna exert some energy, escapaders? Elbow your way to fitness! OK – I know I elbow a little differently than you, but hey, you get the point! 🙂 You can elbow in and out on a fast pace while sitting down to feel some cardiovascular effects. Position both elbows at a 45-degree angle, push them outwards, and then back inwards. Whether you do it quickly or slowly, you’ll feel the momentum. Elbow for at least 5 minutes. Rest for 1 minute. REPEAT.

#2 Way To Exercise While Sitting: MOVE YOUR KNEES UP AND DOWN

Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN'

We may not be able to walk or run while sitting down, but we can still pick up our feet! Lift your knees up and down for a quick and easy workout. Stomp it up while seated. Stomp with an attitude. Be fierce. Keep moving your knees until you get tired. Again, do it for at least 5 minutes each time to feel rejuvenated from sitting for a long period, especially when you’re on a plane, train, or bus. Take bigger lifts each time for a more effective workout.


Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN'

OKAY – I know this may not necessarily work when you’re in a cramped or confined space like an aircraft or too close in front of someone. BUT this is the perfect exercise to do when you’re simply waiting for your flight at the airport or resting on a bench after exploring by foot for a few hours. It’s effortless to do some quick and easy leg extensions. Extend one knee and slowly rotate your ankle. Switch leg. REPEAT. Aaah gotta love the feeling!

#4 Way To Exercise While Sitting: DO GENTLE NECK STRETCHES

Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN'

Wooof! My most essential stretch of the day since I’m always working on my toy-size laptop while marking up the globe. Gosh, I can NOT live without neck stretches; they completely loosen up tensions as I move my neck slowly in different directions for a couple seconds each time. I usually start on the left, make my way to the back, then to the right, and end in the front. Then, I reverse the direction for some AMAAAZZING counter effects. An anywhere and everywhere stretch!

#5 Way To Exercise While Sitting: STRETCH YOUR ARMS

Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN'

This arm stretch complements the neck rotations kinda like how my bones complement my beef jerky dental sticks. Stretch out your arms, hold your hands together, flip them around so your palms are facing the sky, and slowly reach as high as you can in the center. Go to your right, back to center, to the left, and again back to center. REPEAT.

#6 Way To Exercise While Sitting: SHRUG YOUR SHOULDERS

Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN'

Escapaders, shrug them, roll them forward, and roll them backward! These standard shoulder shrugs that you can do virtually anywhere also go hand-in-hand with the neck and arm stretches. Roll your shoulders forward 10X and then backwards 10X. REPEAT as you please. This stretch works miracles on your body, particularly when you’ve been hauling a bigger-than-life backpack or luggage.

#7 Way To Exercise While Sitting: ROTATE YOUR WRISTS

Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN'

This is what I call the stretch of the yorkie spirit: a small, yet strong and FUN move. You could be anywhere while performing this stretch, e.g. traveling on practically any mode of transportation, waiting for your food and drinks, enjoying a waterfront view on a bench, lounging around in your hotel room, etc. – just as long as your hands are free! Make a fist with your hands and then rotate both wrists at the same time. Yep, make those circles! Reverse the direction for a powerful counter stretch.

#8 Way To Exercise While Sitting: TWIST TO THE SIDE

Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN'

Change your position even though you feel like you’re stuck in your seat! Staying in the same position for too long is never ever healthy; hence, change it up a bit every hour or so. Modify the seated twist yoga pose by twisting to your right, picking a staring spot, holding the position for at least 10 counts of yorkie (1 yorkie, 2 yorkie, 3 yorkie..), and then releasing. Add some deep breaths to coincide with this exercise to maximize the impact. Go back to center and work on your left side. So relaxing!

#9 Way To Exercise While Sitting: PERFORM THE UPPER PART OF THE COW POSE

Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN'

Aha! This is one yoga pose that I am obsessed with teaching! Why? Because excellent posture sets you up for good health. Release your shoulder tension and better your posture by doing an easy modification of the cow face pose. It’s not rocket science, humans – just forget the lower part of the pose! Bring up one arm into an upside-down “V”-shape on your back and then bring your other arm into a “V”-shape  to unite with the first arm. Aim to touch your hands or bring them as close together as possible. Don’t worry if you can’t actually clasp your hands together, but try your BEST!

#10 Way To Exercise While Sitting: HUG A KNEE

Exercise While Sitting: 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN'

Give yourself some love, love, love!!! Everyone wants to be hugged (seriously, don’t you??) so bring up one knee to your chest and hug it tightly. Fall in love with yourself because you’re so freakin’ fabulous. Or perhaps you just deserve a huggie. Get a deep knee stretch by hugging your knee tightly for a minimum of 10 yorkie counts. But hey, don’t get the other knee jealous so remember to change knee and repeat the stretch.


Soooooo there you go, escapaders – there are NO EXCUSES! Nada! Although we may be limited in physical movement, we can still find ways to exercise while sitting. It’s possible – we just need to commit ourselves! Do you have other ways to work out while sitting? Feel free to share by leaving a comment below!

*As I am not physically able to perform all of these “human” poses, I would like to thank my volunteer Veronica for modeling for me!

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Markin’ it up,

Roger Wellington a.k.a. The Doob

Exercise While Sitting: 10 Easy Ways to Get Movin'

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Exercise While Sitting_ 10 EASY Ways To Get MOVIN’!


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