Help Us Feed Homeless Dogs and Cats

FEED a homeless dog!

*Stray dogs in Athens, Greece

ARRF! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a well-pampered, bossy Yorkie who is undoubtedly spoiled by my humans. As a rescue, I’ve come a long way, from being neglected daily in a crate to traveling the world (and bossing humans around). As my humans and I make our mark around the world, we sadly see that other dogs (and cats) are less fortunate.


FEED a homeless dog!

*Feral cats in Meknès, Morocco


FEED a homeless dog!

*Homeless dog in Crete, Greece

It truly breaks our hearts to see countless dogs and cats abandoned, severely neglected, and even violently abused in different parts of the world. Although domesticated animals are generally treated better in certain countries than others, the reality is that the ongoing issues of homelessness and cruelty can be found virtually everywhere, even in my progressive hometown, California. 🙁


FEED a homeless dog!

*Tabby cats for adoption in Los Angeles, California


What we are doing…

FEED a homeless dog!

*Blind stray cat in Paros, Greece

Since 2018, Wet Nose Escapades started actively feeding homeless dogs and cats wherever we encounter them. In addition to supporting rescue efforts, we always do our best to SPEAK UP for tethered, confined, neglected and abused dogs and cats by respectfully approaching their humans, voicing our concerns, and providing education on responsible, human pet ownership. When necessary, we will report cases of neglect and abuse to local authorities and/or animal rights organizations for investigation. Furthermore, we will continue to spread awareness of animal welfare through our blog posts. Since animals do not have a voice, we can NEVER be silent bystanders!


feed homeless dog

*Supervising my human as she feeds two hungry cats in Greece


6 Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy a Dog from a Breeder

*A 3-legged stray dog at the veterinarian who my humans helped rescue


FEED a homeless dog!

*Tethered, lonely dog living in deplorable conditions in Crete, Greece


Feed a homeless dog!

*Feral cats in Croatia


FEED a homeless dog!

*Abandoned, malnourished dog in Taiwan


How can YOU help?

FEED a homeless dog!

*Tethered, lonely outdoor dog in Crete, Greece

At NO additional cost to you, make any purchase through this website (my E-Book, affiliate links, ads, etc.) and over 20% of the proceeds will go directly towards feeding homeless dogs cats AND bettering the living conditions of the neglected and abused. Please know that you are supporting our objective to improve the conditions of dogs and cats worldwide – wherever I set my paws. If you don’t want to make a purchase but still want to contribute to our advocacy fund, you can always make a small donation HERE.


FEED a homeless dog!

*Injured feral cat in Dubrovnik, Croatia


FEED a homeless dog!

*Tethered, neglected dog in Taiwan


FEED a homeless dog!

*Another stray dog in Athens, Greece

If you do not wish to make a purchase or small donation, NO PROBLEM! You can help battle cruelty and overpopulation by spreading the word on humane treatment of dogs and cats and urging people to “Adopt, NEVER Shop or Breed.” Please also look for and share our posts on animal welfare with your family and friends and speak up/report whenever you see neglect or abuse.


Oh yea, don’t forget to pamper and spoil your furry friends! They deserve it. 🙂

Feed a homeless dog!

*Pampered pooches in Taipei, Taiwan (THIS is what we want to see)

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