Life as a Florentine dog (VIDEO)

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Life as a Florentine dog

Ciao, escapaders! Earlier this year, my humans and I made a temporary yet memorable move to the mesmerizing city of Florence in Italy. As the capital of Tuscany, Florence is culturally rich with world-renowned artwork and architecture from the Renaissance era. It felt so surreal to set my furry little paws on such pawsome historical streets! Besides its cultural lure, Florence is also one of the most dog-friendly cities in the world. Sniff out what I mean HERE.

Watch me live like a real Florentine dog below! In this short 2-min video, you’ll see me sniffing out the unique streets and landmarks (from the Duomo to Ponte Vecchio) of the Renaissance city, riding the train, meeting local doggies, experiencing my first Florentine kiss, tasting fine Tuscan wine, licking my chops to the best Italian food, shopping for groceries, and lounging around in a classic Florentine apartment. Life couldn’t get any better than this! I just LOVE my time as a Florentine dog. 🙂


My fabulous life as a Florentine dog:





Wanna make your pooch a Florentine dog? 

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Life as a Florentine dog



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Life as a Florentine dog


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