How to Spoil your Yorkie (or ANY dog)!

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Wanna spoil your Yorkie (or ANY dog)? WOOF, your little wet nose has led you to the right place! 

how to spoil a yorkie or dog

Since dogs give humans so much love and happiness, it’s not a bad idea to find ways to spoil the most loyal beings on Earth. Why NOT? As one of the most happily spoiled dogs you’ll ever meet, I’m ecstatic to bark out tips on how to spoil your Yorkie (or any dog)!

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#1 Treat them like EQUALS

The first way to spoil your Yorkie or dog is to TREAT them like equals simply because you SEE them as equals. It’s heartbreaking when I hear humans say that “it’s just a dog” or “my (human) baby always comes first,” which implies that human life is undoubtedly much more valuable. Unfortunately, animal abuse directly stems from such thoughts of human superiority. Although dogs are a different species that may not “think” or even “act” like humans, they still feel emotions just like humans; they are capable of experiencing pain, sadness, fear, anxiety, loneliness, happiness, excitement, and hope. Before you look for ways to spoil your dog or “pet,” you must NOT see them as “just a dog” or “just a pet,” but as an irreplaceable, equally valued member of your family. 


#2 Give them COMPLETE run of the house 

Yep, a complete run of the house is a necessary way to spoil your Yorkie or dog. As a dog who was crated for most of the time before my current spoiled, bossy life, I LOVE having all the freedom! Heck, I can walk in the kitchen whenever I smell something’s cooking or take an afternoon sniff outside the backyard – whenever and wherever I want.


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#3 Let them choose their BED

No King bed or “expensive” furniture is off-limits for a spoiled dog! Throughout the night, I like to make my rounds around the house – from the King bed in the Master bedroom to the living room couch to the two twin beds in the guest room. On hot summer nights, I’ll be sleeping under the bed or wherever it’s the coolest. 

how to spoil your dog or yorkie


#4 Let them LEAD on walks (at least, sometimes)

Contrary to popular belief, it’s OK to let your dog lead on walks. Walks should be more of a compromise between you and your dog versus a master-servant or DO-AS-I-SAY relationship, in which animal abuse often stems from. We’ve all heard this way too often – never let dogs lead or walk through the door first because they’ll think they’re the leader of the pack, which jeopardizes the superior human position as the “leader” or “master.” Humans are afraid of dogs “misbehaving” if they don’t establish their position of power right off the bat. Therefore, we often see humans yell at or aggressively yank them to stop them from sniffing around during walks. Sadly, many humans just want their dogs to walk alongside them and obey all verbal commands as if they’re some programmed robots. 

Dog trainers will completely disagree, but I wholeheartedly believe in allowing dogs to lead the pack, at least part of the time. It’s critical to provide them with plenty of opportunities to sniff out interesting scents and socialize with others at their will (with safety as a priority, of course). As the pack leader, I lead over 80% of the routes on my daily walks, but I certainly do not have any “behavioral” issues. I’ve learned to let my humans know exactly what I want (whether it is to cross the street to greet another dog or play Sherlock to investigate a sniff-worthy spot). Through communication and trust with my human, I can safely walk off-leash or “lead” my human pack on a very loose long retractable leash. I LOVE being the boss!


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#5 Take them EVERYWHERE (or at least, whenever you can)

From people-watching at Parisian cafes to living the glam life at The Fairmont, I live a privileged life of accompanying my humans almost everywhere. These days, dog-friendly restaurants and luxurious dog-friendly hotels are ubiquitous, which means more fun escapades for dogs! However, please keep in mind that not every dog enjoys being out and about or traveling (let alone in the right health condition to do so). You know your dog BEST so please assess carefully before heading out on a weekend road trip or booking that flight to Paris. 

How to spoil your dog or yorkie

*Shopping for groceries with a dog-friendly cart in Florence, Italy


#6 LISTEN to them

Dogs get bored easily indoors and crave attention – should you allow to give in to them. Spoil your dog by allowing them to interrupt you whenever they want. Take a quick 5-minute break to feed treats, give a belly rub, or play ball – whatever they’re asking! As a spoiled dog, I’ll start doing random “tricks” whenever I want a treat. It’s an effective way to grab my human’s attention so I can get treats “on command.”  


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#7 Make them HOME COOKED meals 

Yep, spoiled dogs get delicious, dog-safe home-cooked meals made with love! As a spoiled Yorkie myself, I devour a lot of home-cooked meals made just for ME! I love chomping on home-made omelettes, veggie rice bowls, and baked salmon with sweet potato wedges and zucchini slices. Carrots and cucumbers are my FAVORITE “human” snacks. Just a word of caution – don’t forget portion control!


#8 Give them a seat at the DINING TABLE

Whether it’s a random Wednesday lunch or formal Thanksgiving dinner, I have a seat at the dining table – always ready to be served. For any house guests who don’t think dogs belong at the dining table, they can walk themselves out! GRRR.


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#9 DIVERSIFY their food

Who wants to eat the same food all day, every day? Diversifying your dog’s food is a fabulous way of ensuring a happy stomach and a healthy body. Although I’ve eaten certain brands of “dog food,” I’m in no way stuck on eating the same type or brand of food all the time; I believe food diversification is essential to a healthy diet. Again, my humans also mix in home-cooked meals for a fun, healthy diet.


#10 Let them CHOOSE their treats and toys

Spoiled dogs are always frequent visitors at their local pet supply stores. Seriously, I know the route of the pet supply store in every neighborhood I’ve lived in! As a spoiled Yorkie, I take my time in investigating all the captivating smells inside. Allow your pooch to CHOOSE their goodies by sniffing out exactly what lures their picky wet noses.



Putting your dog in a stroller is another pawesome way to spoil your dog, especially on long walks or outings when breaks are much needed! In Taiwan’s bustling capital city Taipei, dog strollers are ubiquitous! Check out my exclusive video showcasing the Dogs of Taipei.

how to spoil your yorkie or dog

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ARF, ARF! Hope you enjoy all these ways to spoil your Yorkie or dog. Your dog deserves it!

Got a new tip? Feel free to bark at me! Don’t forget to watch how I raise my human pack HERE…


Markin’ it up,

Roger Wellington a.k.a. The Doob

How to spoil your Yorkie (or ANY dog)!


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how to spoil your yorkie or dog

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