15 Human Food for Yorkies (and other dogs)

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Sniff out my favorite human food for Yorkies and other dogs!

15 Human Food for Yorkies

WOOF! Despite what many dog owners believe, not all human or “table” food is “bad” for dogs. A plethora of tasty yet healthy human foods makes the BEST dog treats – much better than the highly processed dog food commonly found in pet supplies stores. Of course, we all know that dogs love their protein and can consume (unseasoned) lean meat and fish, but what other toothsome human goodies are on the table for your furry friends? As an active senior Yorkie, I LOVE eating delicious human food to supplement my daily meals. My wet nose and wagging tail indicate that I wholeheartedly prefer them over any “dog” food that’s sitting in my bowl. 

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Nonetheless, there are very important things to keep in mind when considering human food for your Yorkie (or any dog). 


1 Introduce any new food slowly and carefully to your Yorkie in case of an allergic or adverse reaction. After all, Yorkies are known to have ultra-sensitive stomachs. :/ Give small amounts on the first day and slowly increase the quantity provided that there’s no adverse reaction. 

2 Follow the 10% rule: A dog should eat 10% of total daily calories from treats, vegetables, and fruit. Just like any treat, remember to feed human food used as treats or snacks in moderation (again, no more than 10% of daily treat/snack limit), even after safely introduced.

3 Beware of choking hazards! Always chop or slice food into bite-sized pieces before feeding it to your Yorkie (accordingly to your dog’s size). And toss out seeds and pits.

4 Generally speaking, many spices and seasonings are harmful to dogs. Although there are exceptions (e.g. basil, ginger, cinnamon, and parsley), it may be best to avoid them entirely for safety reasons. 

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GRRR, my little Yorkie tummy is growling so let’s grub! Here’s my list of 15 Human Food for Yorkies (and other dogs):

#1 Cucumbers 

Cucumbers are my FAVORITE treats. They’re crunchy and hydrating – super refreshing on a hot summer day. Make sure they are fresh and lightly chilled before serving. Since they are low-calorie AND packed with vitamins, cucumbers are fantastic snacks for dogs who need to lose weight. Unless you get it organic, don’t forget to peel the pesticide-saturated skin.

15 Human Food for Yorkies

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#2 Sweet potatoes or yams

Paws down, sweet potatoes or yams are delicious treats for both humans and dogs. High in fiber, they’re perfect for Yorkies in aiding with digestion. Wrap them up in aluminum foil and toss them into the oven until the insides become soft and juicy. Alternatively, they can be chopped up and boiled, and then mashed – whatever suits your dog’s palate. WARNING: Burning hazard! Allow ample time for the sweet potatoes or yams to cool down before serving. 

#3 Carrots

WOOF, carrots are like a superfood for dogs. They improve a dog’s vision, coat color, and skin – perfect for Yorkies who must maintain their beautiful coat year-round. Not to mention, they’re crunchy and luscious. Seriously, I’d do any trick to get my paws on them. Or I’ll just stare them down until my human gives in (learn how to train your human to get what you want every single time). Treat your Yorkie to bite-sized raw or unseasoned cooked carrots! 

15 Human Food for Yorkies

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#4 Watermelons 

Like cucumbers, watermelons are hydrating and refreshing! YUM. Watermelons are packed with vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to your dog’s health when consumed in moderation. Just a reminder: As seeds can cause an upset stomach, please remove all seeds before chopping up the watermelon into small pieces for your Yorkie. Better yet, go with seedless watermelons. Also, toss out the green skin and keep it AWAY from your dog!

#5 Broccoli

While raw broccoli is considered safe for dogs, I recommend cooking or steaming them until soft, especially if your dog is a senior like me who is losing his teeth. 🙁 Again, don’t forget to chop them up into bite-size bits to avoid choking. Because the florets contain isothiocyanates, these delectable veggies should be relished by your dog periodically and in small quantities. Small amounts of broccoli can provide good sources of vitamin K, calcium, and potassium for your Yorkie.

15 Human Food for Yorkies

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#6 Green Peas

My top human food for Yorkies! My little Yorkie heart melts for little GREEN PEAS.I love to steam them so they come out succulent and slightly crunchy. Packed with vitamins A, B, and K, green peas are safe for your dog – well, as long as you don’t overfeed. Since they’re so tasty and tiny, they make pawsome training treats. Just make sure that the temperature has cooled down before serving them to your precious pooch. 

#7 Pasta 

When I left my fabulous life in Florence, I didn’t just miss the rich Florentine culture but also my big Italian appetite. Aperitivo, Antipasto, Primo, Secondo! Gosh, my love for fresh spaghetti, tagliatelle, fettuccine, penne, and rigatoni only grew BIGGER after my departure. Luckily, I can still scarf down fresh pasta anywhere in the world (although not nearly as good). As long as pasta is cooked and unseasoned, they are perfectly safe for dogs to devour UNLESS your dog has wheat allergies. However, because pasta doesn’t offer any real nutrients for dogs, they should not be part of their regular diet. When serving spaghetti to your Yorkie, please make sure you cut up the pieces for easy swallowing. Enhance the dish with some unseasoned colorful veggies (or meat, if you’d like)!

15 Human Food for Yorkies

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#8 Cauliflowers

MMMM, here’s another mouthwatering vegetable that’s perfectly healthy for your dog! Cauliflowers provide a BUTTLOAD of vitamins and nutrients (vitamins K, C, fiber, calcium, potassium, etc.). Although raw cauliflower can be safely consumed, cooked cauliflowers are easier to digest for dogs (not to mention, tastier). TIP: Make a small plate or bowl of steamed broccoli-cauliflower bits mix for your Yorkie!

#9 Zucchini 

Whether raw or cooked, zucchini slices are super yummy. With a much softer and smoother interior, they melt in my mouth flawlessly. A dreamy bite size will give me a host of nutrients (ranging from potassium to Vitamin C), antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory benefits. WOOF-HOO! TIP: Cook fresh spaghetti with chopped zucchini for one amazing meal for your Yorkie! 

15 Human Food for Yorkies


#10 Bananas

YUM, it’s banana time! I love slurping pieces of banana into my mouth. Bananas provide potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C, fiber, biotin, and copper. Due to its high sugar content, bananas are only good as an occasional fun treat or snack. A few small pieces of bananas can be consumed safely by Yorkies while bigger dogs can chow down bigger portions. Small portions of mashed bananas may also work miracles in helping soothe a dog’s stomach! How pawsome is that?

#11  Blueberries

Blueberries are not only considered SUPERFOOD for humans, but they also provide the same wondrous benefits to dogs! They boast antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, making them a delectable healthy snack (again, as long as a large quantity isn’t consumed). As a small or “toy” dog, I sure appreciate their bite-size. There’s no need to chop or slice – just rinse them with cold water a couple of times. And, I’ll start chomping away.

15 Human Food for Yorkies

#12 Mangos

Mangos on a hot summer day? The thought of it makes me lick my chops repeatedly! Toss out the pit, slice off the skin, and chop up a juicy mango into small bits and pieces for your dog to enjoy. Offering vitamins A, B, C, and E, mangos are generally safe for dogs – again, only on occasion due to its sugary content. 

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#13 Apples 

A few thin pieces of apples are not only appetizing after a meal, but they also help clean my tiny teeth and freshen my breath (in which my human is super thankful). Thank goodness these delicious low-fat snacks also offer vitamins A & C, and fiber! CHOKING HAZARD: Don’t forget to toss out the core and the seeds (which includes toxic cyanide) before offering apple bits to your Yorkie!

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#14 Rice 

Although cooked rice doesn’t offer any real nutrients, it can help alleviate a Yorkie’s upset stomach due to its blandness. OK, I’ll bark out the truth – I’m not a huge fan of rice, but I will eat it only when it’s mixed with something irresistible to my wet nose. Add some unseasoned veggies (or meat) to make a real meal for your dog!

Human Food for Yorkies

#15 Pears

Pears are one of the best human food for Yorkies. Again, toss out the seeds and core (toxic cyanide) and chop the pear into bite-sized pieces for your dog! Offering vitamins A, C, and fiber, pears make a thirst-quenching, mouthwatering snack for dogs. A few thin slices or bite-sized pieces of one pear are enough to delight your Yorkie. 

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ARF, I hope you enjoyed my list of 15 Human Food for Yorkies! Remember, any treats or snacks (whether human food or purchased from the pet supply store) should not exceed the 10% daily limits. Moderation is KEY to ensure a healthy diet. 

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15 Human Food for Yorkies

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15 Human Food for Yorkies

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