Roger Wellington studies the Parisians!

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Bonjour, escapaders! Whenever I set my tiny paws in the City of Lights, I just love human-watching (and pretending that I’m a sophisticated Parisian dog). Filled with diverse cultures and beautiful architecture, Paris is one of the best places on earth to sip on coffee (or tea, beer, or water – whatever drink you prefer to lick your chops to), sit back, and watch the world pass by. From bustling local cafes to enthralling parks, you can find me learning the Parisian way of life with my sniffing wet nose, perking up ears, and tilting head. Hopefully, I will transform into a true Parisian dog (oops, I mean “chien”) overtime!

Take a long thorough sniff of my how I study the Parisians below (VIDEO):



Wanna see more of my Parisian escapade? Take a look at how I explore the Louvre!


Happy and healthy traveling!


Markin’ it up,

Roger Wellington a.k.a. The Doob

Roger Wellington studies the Parisians!

Wanna transform your pooch into a Parisian dog (chien)?

Roger Wellington studies the Parisians!


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Roger Wellington studies the Parisians!



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