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Yipppeeee! I WON.

And the winner is…(drum roll please) Roger Wellington from Wet Nose Escapades! Arf! It’s me, me, ME!!! Woooofhoooo! Within less than 4 months of launching my blog, I have won an award: the Liebster Award! I would like to thank Stefano from The Travel Bakery for awarding me.

So what is the Liebster Award exactly? In short, it’s an award given to newbie bloggers by other bloggers. With MILLIONS of travel blogs (let alone blogs) out there, it’s important that bloggers support and acknowledge one another for their hard work and excellence.

Blogging ain’t easy. If you think it looks easy, think again. It’s not easy for humans and it’s certainly not easy for dogs! So much goes into a single published post – brainstorming, drafting, selecting (and editing) photos, designing, incorporating SEO tactics, editing for like the 100th time, and promoting religiously on social media. WordPress, themes, hosting, plugins, Google Analytics – the list barks on.

Hence, recognition is essential! It’s such an honor to be a Liebster Award Winner! Now it’s my turn to pass out the bones.

Please read the rules before continuing:
  • Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their site on your blog.
  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Answer their 10 questions about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-10 other bloggers for the award and inform them via social media.

Here are my 10 answers to Stefano’s questions:

#1 What’s the last place you have been dreaming of traveling to?

I’ve been dreaming of going back to Peru for a second visit. It was the most magical experience when I went there in November 2014. Lima has the most amazing cuisine. Lake Titicaca is beautiful and culturally distinctive. Cusco takes me back to such a unique era. The Sacred Valley is a wonder. And, Machu Picchu – aaaahhh…what else can be said about that magnificent place that hasn’t been said before? I teared the moment I set foot on the stunning grounds. There’s so much to that country that I still need to explore.

Liebster Award

#2 You are given ONE TRIP in life. Where are you going?

The Holy Land, Jerusalem! With thousands of years of history, Jerusalem just sounds intriguing and sniff-worthy.

Liebster Award

#3 Tell your most embarrassing travel moment ever. Don’t be shy.

I am always cautious when dealing with foreign currency because it’s so common to get scammed as a traveler. I was finishing dinner at a Middle Eastern restaurant in Granada, Spain and thought that the waiter had given me incorrect change for the bill. I kept insisting that the change was wrong and asked him to give me back the outstanding change. We went back and forth a bit until I realized that he was indeed right. It was so embarrassing, but relieved to know that he wasn’t trying to cheat me.

#4 Which books and movies you have read and watched in 2016? Which are you looking forward to in 2017?

Books: The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris and Turn Right at Machu Picchu: Rediscovering the Lost City One Step at a time by Mark Adams.

Movies: I watch too many movies on TV to name. The last movie I watched at the theatre is Office Christmas Party. Jennifer Aniston can do no wrong!

I don’t typically look for books or movies as they tend to find me! For instance, I happened to watch the movie Crash last week for the first time and loved it. I’m currently reading a book that I got for Christmas – What is my DOG thinking? by Gwen Bailey (I know it sounds ironic since I already know what I’m thinking. *wink *wink).

Liebster Award

#5 What’s the funniest item you always bring with you when traveling?

Wipes, wipes, and more wipes. I live by them! They come in so handy when I’m out and about all day. I like having clean paws.

#6 What was your lowest moment in your (presumably short) blogging career?

The most difficult part was not knowing which direction to take with my blog; I had ideas, but I couldn’t narrow them down to anything specific. It didn’t hit me until after I started traveling full-time – I realized that I was always trying to find ways to stay healthy so it just made sense that I should start a health travel blog.

#7 Do you believe in blogging alone as a primary source of income?

Based on hearing countless success stories, I certainly believe it’s possible; with hard work, determination, and constant networking with fellow bloggers, I know I can get there – we ALL can. It may be a long path, but we are getting closer to our goal every day. It is essential to love what we do and not give up on it. Right now, I truly enjoy blogging and living the nomadic life.

Liebster Award

#8 Tell a secret strategy (legit or not, we all know..!) you have been using to increase your social media followers.

I don’t have a secret strategy in particular, but I try to post at least once a day and publish quality content that caters to my target audience (e.g. dog lovers and health-conscious travelers). Engaging in bloggers support communities can also help you increase your following. I don’t believe in unfollowing followers although that seems to be a commonly accepted practice. I only unfollow those who unfollow me so those “unfollow” apps are essential!

#9 Mac or Windows? Lightroom or GIMP? Twitter or Instagram?

Windows although I’m planning make the switch to a Mac soon!

Neither! I use Pixlr.

Instagram ALL THE WAY. I still use Twitter, but we all know that photos speak louder than words.

#10 Do you collect / Have you collected something in life or during your travel?

I usually don’t collect anything tangible since I try to travel as light as possible. As with most world nomads – the more we travel, the less we want to own. It may sound corny, but I guess you can say that I collect memories along with sniff-able information!

Liebster Award


And now, here are my hand-picked questions for my nominees to answer!

  1. What is your favorite part about traveling, and why?
  2. Where and when was your first international destination?
  3. What do you love about blogging the most?
  4. What frustrates you about blogging the most?
  5. What have you found to be the most effective way of promoting your blog?
  6. How do you usually find food when you travel?
  7. Are you a part-time or full-time traveler? If you’re part-time, are you looking to travel full-time?
  8. What do you miss the most when you’re traveling?
  9. You just checked into your hotel at your destination and it’s pouring rain outside. What would you do to spend the rest of your day?
  10. What are your travel and blogging goals for 2017?

That’s it, escapaders! Now, it’s time to announce the NEW Liebster Award Winners:

(drumroll, again please)

Travels With Talek  – A well-traveled blogger who has visited over 100 countries, Talek created her blog to inspire readers to explore experiences in interesting locations.

The Yogi Wanderer – Vanda is a travel blogger who was also a journalist and a yoga instructor. She blogs about living abroad, exploring the world, and soul-searching lessons that arise from both.

Travel Bliss – Maria is following her bliss to travel. What truly makes her blissful and happy is traveling and exploring the world! Follow her for awesome travel stories.

Global Gadding – A U.K. based traveler, Angela empowers interested travelers to confidently plan their own trips independently and make their dreams a reality.

Trek With Derk – A young entrepreneur and travel blogger, Derk is on a mission to show people that anyone can travel the world!

Congratulations to all the new nominees: I can’t wait to read all your answers to my questions. Please pass this award to those who are worthy and think of questions to ask your own nominees.

Best to 2017: A year of healthy travels and prosperous blogging.


Markin’ it up,

Roger Wellington a.k.a. The Doob

Liebster Award

ARRRF! I’m Roger Wellington,


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