Why Parents Need to STOP Sending their Kids’ Pictures to their Dog-Loving Childless Friends

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WOOF, find out why parents need to STOP sending their kids’ pictures to their dog-loving childless friends! 

One common annoyance about people with children is that they love providing updates to literally everyone in their social circle, including those without or dislike children (or simply just like dogs and cats more). Social media posts are one thing as algorithms can thankfully alter the news feed or can hide posts from certain people. For many childless dog people, directly receiving pictures and videos of their friend’s babies or kids via text or email on a consistent basis can be irritating, especially during every check-in or text conversation. NEWS FLASH – To all the parents who tend to send pictures and videos of their kids to everyone, including their dog-loving childless friends: Except for family members, you should reconsider sending your kids’ pictures or updates to people UNLESS it’s by request. 

Find out what your dog-loving childless friends really think about your children and why you need to STOP sending your kids’ pictures to people:


Unless they’re family, your childless friends really don’t care about your kids. 

In obligation, they may politely reply “How cute” or “Aww adorable,” but the truth is they don’t care for any updates on your children. To them, it’s like receiving spam – except it’s from people they know.


They rather binge-watch random strangers’ dogs’ pictures and videos on IG.

spoiled dog: stop sending kids pictures to childless friends

It’s true! Your dog-loving childless friends can glue their eyes to dog reels or IG feed for hours on end. They prefer to watch a rescue mutt sleep with his four paws up at his new loving home than to watch “Stella’s first steps” or “Jonah’s 1st Birthday Party” (again, unless it’s family). Your 6-month-old baby just started crawling? Share the moment with your family, but your dog-loving friends can care less as they see their precious dogs walk on fours all the time. 

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They do NOT think your kids are cute. 

Sorry! No matter what cutesy pumpkin Halloween costume or matching outfits your kids are wearing, your dog-loving childless friends think their spoiled dogs are 10X cuter just as they are and even better behaved (which is probably true!).

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They do NOT see how your kids are special in any way (or the way that you do).

Just as every dog mom thinks her dog is the greatest, every parent thinks his or her child is the best. Sure, maybe your baby started crawling a month earlier than average, but the truth is no one thinks your child is special in any way besides you (and your family). It’s all in the eye of the beholder, whether we are talking about a dog or child. However, the difference is that dog people don’t usually bombard their non-dog friends with random videos of their pooches gnawing on bones or doing their latest trick.


They DON’T do it to you!

As barked earlier, do your dog-loving childless friends continuously send you pictures of their dogs, knowing that you don’t have or even like dogs? My guess is hardly, if ever. If they do, it’s likely a passive-aggressive move in response to the endless spam of your kids’ photos – hoping that you’ll get the hint to STOP.


There IS a reason why your childless friends don’t want kids.

Your childless friends (by choice) are not envious of your life. AT ALL. 


Ever heard of DINK (Dual Income, NO KIDS)? If not, google it!


Whether they don’t like kids or prefer to spend their hard-earned money on themselves, your childless friends have at least one strong reason why they choose to remain childless. 

And, just because they don’t have kids doesn’t necessarily mean that their lives aren’t fulfilled. Everyone has a different definition of true happiness. As for my humans, they don’t need a child to fill any void; they don’t want kids because they love ME (and animals) so much more and rather live an unconventional, location independent lifestyle (than to surrender to the social norm of “settling down”). 

stop sending your kids pictures to people

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They’ve also witnessed how many kids mistreat animals (both knowingly and unknowingly) and how parents neglect their beloved dogs (or cats) as soon as the “real” baby enters the picture. Your dog now gets fewer walks and resorts to the “backyard” because you “just don’t have time” – sound familiar? The truth is never about having enough time, but about prioritizing what matters. Ultimately, dogs deserve more.

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They will delete your kids’ pictures almost immediately upon receipt. 

GRR, storage space can be hard to come by! Do you want your baby or kid to end up in someone’s TRASH or RECYCLING bin? Probably not. So, why bother sending them in the first place?


If you have both kids and dogs, you’ll make them wonder if you are neglecting your dogs. 

When your dog-loving childless friends get updates only on your kids nearly every time you guys converse via text or email, they will wonder if you’re neglecting your dog(s). It’s way too common for people to give their all to their fur babies until their “real” baby arrives. Many young couples opt to get a dog or cat as a “practice baby” before they start a “real” family. Disturbingly, such practice typically ends up in neglect and/or eventual surrender of the innocent animal. Remember that dogs are unique individuals with feelings like humans, not a toy that can be tossed to the side whenever you want out of sight. Dogs are family and deserve to be loved as much as your child. It’s easy to love your own flesh and blood, but it takes a bigger heart to give your all to an animal. 

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Instead of bombarding your dog-loving childless friends with unwanted updates of your children, share those pictures and videos with OTHER parents and family members. Find other topics and ideas to connect with your childless friends – don’t make parenthood your only identity!


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Why Parents Need to STOP Sending their Kids’ Pictures to their Dog-Loving Childless Friends


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