Need HELP?

So you’ve come to this page to ask me for help! ARRRRFF, it’s my yorkie honor to come to your rescue! You need help, I’m here to save ya! You’ve got questions, I’ll bark out answers! Well, as long as you can comprehend my loud barks.

As a traveling yorkie who has been nomadic for 2 years and counting, I’ve effortlessly tilted heads and erected ears. I have become the cutest 7 lb. expert on healthy traveling, and not to mention, the complex world of international dog travel. If you are seeking specific advice on itineraries, destinations, restaurants, accommodations, diet/exercise plans on the road, or dog travel (modes of transportation covered: plane, train, bus, subway, boat, and of course, car), please submit your single question or situation below. I do ask that you kindly make a small offering HERE as it takes me A LOT of time and effort to craft detailed and informative responses (and I could be gnawing on some tasty bones during those hours instead of gluing my eyes to my laptop). My tail is wagging to come to your rescue!


Travel Advice from Wet Nose Escapades

Need travel advice? I’m ready to help!