Traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a DOG

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WOOF, are you interested in traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a dog? Let me first bark that the capital city of the Czech Republic is an uber fun destination for you and your furry friend. Sniff out everything you need to know about traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a dog NOW:



If you and your dog are flying from the United States, you will be entering the Czech Republic as you would in any country in the E.U. (European Union). For dog import requirements, you’ll need a visit to an accredited veterinarian for the following:


E.U. Health Certificate

Rabies vaccination (or proof of vaccination if your dog already has one)

ISO-compliant 15-digit Microchip (rabies vaccination must be administered after your dog is micro-chipped, NOT before)


Besides acquiring the required paperwork for dog travel, it’s also imperative that your dog gets a thorough examination from the vet to ensure that he/she is healthy enough to fly. 

Once you’ve obtained the E.U. Health Certificate from the veterinarian, you must then get the paperwork endorsed by your local APHIS Veterinary Services Office

Before you book the flight for your dog with a pet-friendly airline (prepare to pay a fee, usually around $125-200 USD one way depending on the airline), sniff out my 6 MUST-KNOW Tips for international dog travel.

Traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a DOG

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Typically, to return to the U.S., your dog must appear healthy and have a valid rabies vaccination certificate. However, there may be additional requirements based on the state you’re flying into, which may be stricter than federal regulations. Always check the APHIS website for the latest info.


Once you and your dog arrive in Prague (or anywhere in the E.U.), you can take your dog to an accredited veterinarian to exchange your existing E.U. Health Certificate for an E.U. Pet Passport. The Pet Passport especially comes in handy if you plan on returning to the E.U. with your dog in the future.



As for me, I was already traveling in Europe at the time; I took a train from Bratislava, Slovakia (which is part of the E.U.) to Prague, the Czech Republic, which took a little over 4 hours. As with most trains in the E.U., the train to Prague was dog-friendly! I happily snoozed in my carrier most of the time. I also came out for a breather and chilled with my humans – NO PROBLEM!

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Trains, trams, and buses are mostly dog-friendly! Generally speaking, dogs must be on a leash or inside a carrier. If you have a larger dog, you’ll most likely have to put a muzzle on him based on standard rules (but always double-check with the transportation company). As a small dog, I rode for free inside a carrier, but bigger dogs may need a ticket.



I didn’t run into any issues with Uber in Prague! I sat on my human’s lap throughout the ride from the train station to our hotel in New Town. 🙂 



WOOF-HOO! Dog-friendly accommodations are easy to find. My humans paid an extra daily fee for me but finding places that accept dogs was NOT a problem.



PAWSOME News – I’ve never been rejected by any restaurant or bar in Prague! Most are dog-friendly and accept dogs INSIDE. After several visits to Prague over the years, I wagged my tail when indoor smoking at restaurants was finally banned! I am hopeful that the ban will extend to bars in the future. Find out how to avoid second-hand smoke in Europe!

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I found that the Czech people are super dog-loving! During a long outing, my human accidentally spilled the entire bottled water. She subsequently went into a nearby convenience store to buy new water for me. Although she didn’t have any cash on her at the time (and unfortunately, the store didn’t take credit cards), the store owner gave her FREE bottled water as soon as she mentioned that it was for her thirsty dog a.k.a. ME! The sweet store owner quickly avowed, “Just take it!” No questions were asked. Now, that’s some real compassion for animals! 



Wonderful parks are plentiful in the city! And yes, most of them are dog-friendly (which makes traveling to Prague with a dog so much easier)! 🙂


Now…for 10 of my Favorite Dog-Friendly Activities in Prague, Czech Republic:


#1 Explore the grounds of Prague Castle

WOOF! This MUST-VISIT landmark is ARF-mazing! Although dogs are not allowed inside the castle, I’ve seen plenty of my canine friends stroll and sniff around these impressive grounds.

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#2 Sniff out Old Town 

We quickly became regulars at Old Town Square, especially during LATE NIGHT when the square is still relatively lively with locals (without most of the tourists).

Traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a DOG


#3 Chill at Charles Square

One of the largest squares in the world, Charles Square in New Town is probably my favorite square in Prague. I love hanging out here with my humans while keeping my eyes and nose alert for those cute furry Czech ladies.


#4 Try traditional Czech food 

Mmm mmm, this is how traditional Czech food looks like! I can only promise you that it smells and tastes even better. Since most restaurants in Prague are dog-friendly, we always had the option of sitting outside OR inside. 

Traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a DOG


#5 Grab Vietnamese food

ARF, Vietnamese food in Prague? You betcha! As a Native Californian, I can sniff out authentic Vietnamese food with my robust wet nose from miles away! And yet, Prague surprisingly has some of the best pho and bun that my humans I have ever tasted. Time to lick some bowls clean!

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#6 Cross the Charles Bridge

Sure, crossing the Charles Bridge is another one of those must-try touristy things to do in Prague. BUT I can promise you with an upright tail that this famous bridge is NOT overhyped! With such unforgettable views, medieval architecture, and intriguing statues, this historic stone bridge is a wondrous place to explore. Despite the short distance of the bridge, my humans and I took our time to take in its magnificence. Avoid heavy pedestrian traffic for your dog by going early in the morning or later in the evening. 

Traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a DOG


#7 Roam around Nové Město a.k.a. New Town

New Town is a lot of FUN! My humans and I resided in the lovely New Town, which is Prague’s main commercial district. My pawsome home away from home boasts a myriad of restaurants, bars, museums, theatres, and historical buildings. 

Traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a DOG


#8 People and dog-watch at Wenceslas Square

This is one cool SPOT! Located in New Town, Wenceslas Square is one of the central squares in the city. With many community events held at Wenceslas, I’ve spent many afternoons here sniffing it out and taking in the exuberant Prague “scene.”  

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#9 Relax at Malá Strana

Even though New Town is my hood, I’d have to bark that Malá Strana has an extra special place in my little Yorkie heart. This gorgeous hillside neighborhood is where I set my paws to slow things down and relax. Malá Strana is not only less touristy compared to Old Town, but it also offers splendid views across the Vltava river to Old Town. I love taking water breaks along the river and giving my alpha paws a rest from a long day of roaming (and marking). 

Traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a DOG


#10 Admire Powder Tower (Gate) + Municipal House

It’s Selfie Time at Powder Tower, one of the original city gates! With such mesmerizing medieval architecture, it’s hard not to look up and be amused after you cross Charles Bridge to enter Old Town. The fabulous Municipal House is right next to the tower. Don’t forget to take some extra IG-worthy photos here.

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Hope you enjoy traveling to Prague with your dog! Sniff out other dog-friendly places I’ve conquered with my alpha paws.

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Traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a DOG

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Traveling to Prague, Czech Republic with a DOG

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