Yorkie Wedding Tips & Ideas

Are you planning to include your Yorkies in your wedding? ARF, sniff out my exclusive collection of Yorkie Wedding Tips below!

Since dogs play such an integral part in their humans’ lives, it only makes sense to have their honorary presence when their humans or pawrents are tying the knot! As the former Wedding Yorkie who stole the spotlight at my Auntie’s spectacular Lakeview wedding, I’m here to bark out tips and ideas on how you can include your darling furbabies on your BIG DAY. Through meticulous planning and preparation, your Yorkshire Terriers will add buoyancy and charm that make your wedding even more unforgettable. With another pawsome wedding in the works, I will continuously update my show-stoppin’ Yorkie wedding tips and experiences.

Check out how a Wedding Yorkie can have the BEST time at a wedding:


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Yorkie Wedding Tips


Get your paws on all my Yorkie Wedding Tips & Tricks below:

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